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We want you to be active

It is well documented that being physically active and taking part in exercise is essential for our wellbeing and reduces the risk of premature death associated with chronic diseases.

Being physically active has a positive impact upon both physical and mental health and can be used as both a preventative measure for the onset of chronic disease and as part of a treatment plan.

How much activity should you do?

The Department of Health recommends that healthy adults should take part in 5 x 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

Find an activity that's right for you

  1. See which of the activity groups you fall into
  2. Search the activities in that group by area, age, medical conditions to see which activities are suitable for you

No physical limitations

No physical limitations

Physical activity for the general population. Generally fit and healthy, currently or previously active, no restricting medical conditions that affect exercise.

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Minor physical limitations

Minor or stable physical limitations

Suitable if a health professional has recommended exercise, you have a medical condition that would affect exercising, or you would like to reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions.

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Significant physical limitations

Significant physical limitations

This is adapted physical activity. Suitable if you have a long term condition or have been involved in rehabilitation for one of Cardiac, Heart Failure, COPD, Stroke, Falls.

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