Rotherham Get Active

Rotherham Get Active is a borough wide campaign providing the residents of Rotherham with the information about how, where and when they can get active.

Why are we doing this?

The Active Lives Survey (Sport England, 2018) has shown that during the last year people in Rotherham have become significantly less active with a decrease by 8.8% of people taking part in physical activity for the recommended 150+ minutes a week, and there has been an increase of people being inactive, less than 30 minutes a week, by 11.7%.

We want to create a culture of being healthy and more active in Rotherham. This website will be able to signpost people towards activities of all levels and abilities across the borough.

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To register as a provider you need to ensure you are able to provide these minimum operating standards (all these should be valid)

  • Appropriate qualifications for what you are delivering.
  • Public Liability and Insurance
  • First Aid
  • If working with children or vulnerable adults your staff and volunteers should also be Disclosure and Barring Checked (DBS) and Child Safeguarding Course.


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